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Online payments security

Because knowledge and prevention are the best weapon against digital theft.

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The evolution of society and the sudden diffusion and accessibility of the Internet has allowed the emergence of new realities, including the emergence and exponential spread of electronic commerce or e-Commerce.

With the growth of these new realities, and in parallel, the threats of computer attacks that aim at stealing the data of the payment methods of users have grown.

What are the most important cyber threats and how to defend ourselves?

Stealing and using credit card data (Identity theft):

It is the most common technique and consists in using the data of credit cards that have been stolen, either physically or virtually. Therefore, it is very important that internet users pay close attention to purchases made on websites and marketplaces that are unsafe or little-known, with doubtful origin, which do not have real or physical contacts and/or which have too low prices.

Marketplace frauds

It is increasingly common to find and buy products in the marketplace; i.e. dedicated internet trading platforms, meant for both users and companies. They essentially are internet portals in which there are several virtual stores (from any country in the world) where they sell their products and services, such as Ebay, Amazon etc.

Often, however, there are “false” shops created ad-hoc for extorting money from customers that are not aware of buying non-existent products.

Shopping on unreliable and unsafe e-commerce

The reliability and security of e-Commerce where you buy your goods and services is important!

Companies that do not use secure payment systems nor secure software or rely on low-end hosting third-party, put transactions at risk, allowing hackers to compromise security systems.

That is why CiaoBikeItaly adopts the best defence systems to ensure secure and serene purchases.

Secure connection via “https” (SSL), in short a secure and encrypted connection between you and our servers, using a unique certificate.

We do not store your payment information. We use secure third parties (Paypal), which allow you to make payments with credit cards directly on the interface of the Paypal service with secure and encrypted (unbreakable) connection.

Reliable and safe hosting

CDN with secure connection to speed up content loading

Constant system updates