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e-Commerce: some data and useful information

Over the last two centuries, the world has begun to evolve exponentially, seeing the creation of countless technologies, including one that has certainly revolutionized our way of living: the Internet.

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After more than twenty years from its birth, the world has changed and with it also our way of living, thinking, communicating and buying.

The global diffusion of the Internet has in fact enabled the emergence of new realities, accessible to everyone, including “electronic commerce” or more concisely “e-Commerce”.

Today, the Internet network is used by about 50% of the world’s population (about 3.7 billions of users*), of which approximately 1.52 billion have made at least one online purchase.

The future of business is based on the Internet, in fact the numbers speak for themselves, as well as the natural human and technological evolution. Today, buying online has become a common practice, even for users who were not born in the era of this great revolution, such as the over 60s.

But what are the real benefits of an e-Commerce?

Certainly the opportunity to buy comfortably from home, having a wide range of products available, both for type and origin

  • Shops open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • The ordered goods are delivered at home
  • Possibility to find non-mass-produced products
  • Affordable prices, often better than in physical stores
  • Payments with any currency
  • Immediate and simplified traceability of shipments

*2016 data | Sources: InternetWorldStats.com | Statista.com

CiaoBikeItaly was born in response to the growing need for technological evolution in the purchase of bicycle components, and was created with a century of experience in the field.