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Bicycle products hand made in Italy and Outlet

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CiaoBikeItaly Handmade

Handmade in Italy excellence products created by an elite group of selected artisans

  • SgommaBags Fast Trak eco-friendly unisex backpack | Red


    Unisex backpack in red eco-leather.
    Inner lining in camouflage cotton.
    Base made from MTB bicycle tyre.
    Side and rear hooks in polished chrome metal.
    Tic Tuc closure in chrome metal with bicycle tyre rubber insert.
    Black with red edges shoulder strap made with car seat belt width 5cm with black plastic slider.
    Unique and handmade in Italy backpack.

    Dimensions: width: 37 cm | height: open 40 cm / closed 29cm


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  • Augusta Milvus | Handmade Men Saddle with Studs

    , ,

    Handmade in Italy Saddle with studs Augusta Milvus

    Vintage Men series; suitable for Trekking | City bikes


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  • Augusta Milvus | Handmade Men Saddle

    , ,

    Handmade in Italy Saddle Augusta Milvus

    Men vintage series; suitable for Trekking | City bikes


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  • SgommaBags Rocket eco-friendly unisex shoulder bag | Blue


    Unisex shoulder bag made with blue avio color crocodile skin themed faux leather.
    Spotted cotton lining with Blue avio faux leather pocket.
    Base made from MTB bicycle tyre.
    Side hooks in chrome-plated metal.
    Chromed metal Tic Tuc closure with rubber insert of bicycle tyre.
    Adjustable shoulder strap made with smoke grey car seat belt (width 5cm) with black plastic slider.
    Unique and handmade in Italy.

    Dimensions: width 35cm height 30cm


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CiaoBikeItaly Outlet

Bicycle Outlet products and photofinish deals

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What have we created? The answer seems obvious: an e-Commerce.

E-commerce is simply a way of selling, a technological means, one of many commercial channels.
Whatever we sell, the purpose is to deliver products that meet the customers desires.

So what must happen for a website to work?

First of all it must be visible and updated, and in doing so it is as if we had just climbed onto the saddle, far from the finish line.

The graphic accuracy and clarity in presenting the products will be the first step, helped by easy and manageable navigation.

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Security and privacy will support our imaginary bicycle and give it stability.

There is only one element missing to reach the goal: your trust, which is not describable, but only perceptible.

But how? True passion in our work conveys confidence to those in front of us and is completely free from formal company presentations. It is felt in the heart.

Therefore, passion cannot be simulated or mimicked, because the only way to transmit it is to feel it inside us. At that moment, those following us, will know that we are really different from others.


Nulla da dire, ho acquistato con facilità alcuni componenti retrò che cercavo da diverso tempo ad un ottimo prezzo!

Sono già cliente Boeris da diversi anni e mi sono sempre trovato benissimo 🙂

Angelo Direnzo

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